Window Cleaning Services in Salt Lake, UT

Clean windows can be a daunting and tedious chore that may involve climbing, balancing and other gymnastics tricks; however, it’s hard to overlook the benefits of having sparkling clean windows. Immaculate windows make your house aesthetically pleasing and inviting while letting more light inside. Don’t spend half of your weekend doing this risky, dirty work. Let our Total Home Care professional cleaners take care of the job!

We’ll Save Your Time

Cleaning windows is a time-consuming project, and nothing is more precious than your time. A professional window cleaning can be done in half the time that it would take you. Instead of spending half a day cleaning the windows in your home, you can have that time to yourself and spend it with your loved ones or attend to more important matters.

We Can Spot General Problems

Professional cleaners can identify any problems that may go unnoticed otherwise. With thousands of hours of work, our cleaning experts can notice rotting sills, ill-fitted screens, sashes painted shut and any other window problems before they become more serious.

Insect infestations

Insects love the space between window shutters, and bees and hornets can erect their nests there. A professional window service can help spot any nests and dispose of them before they cause any problems.

Extending the life of a window

Some screens and window positions make it hard to clean the glass thoroughly, so the windows are left exposed to years of weather elements and dirt. Professional window cleaning helps your windows last longer with professional cleaning supplies and equipment.

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