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Let’s face it, we live in our homes and sometimes they get dirty no matter how careful we are. Whether it’s from kids, pets, or just your busy everyday life, it’s both convenient and cost-effective to have a professional service like Total Home Care take care of your household cleaning and maintenance. We offer quality work, excellent service, and fair rates with a commitment to integrity. Get in touch with us today for your free estimate!

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A cleaning will make your carpets look new.

Carpet Cleaning

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Upholstery looks better than ever after we clean it.

Upholstery Cleaning

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Tile and grout cleaning can restore your floor's beauty.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

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We'll give you spotless windows.

Window Cleaning

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Air ducts can be full of toxins.

Air Duct Cleaning

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Dryer vent cleaning is important.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Total Home Care: Utah’s Best Cleaning Service

At Total Home Care, we offer effective, high quality cleaning services to customers in the Salt Lake City area. Our cleaning services are affordable, thorough and 100 percent professional. Here are some of the ways our services can help you:

Protect carpet’s color

Though you might vacuum frequently, it’s important to have your carpet cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning systems remove the oily, sticky soil that vacuum can’t take out, and will keep your carpet looking great over time. Our cleaning systems will also target the soils that result from cooking vapors, air pollution and tracked-in dirt.

Get on a cleaning schedule

If your carpet is cleaned before it becomes too unsightly, the cleaning will be easier and more successful. Carpet should typically be cleaned every 12 to 18 months, depending on the number or residents and amount of activity.

Hot water extraction

Research shows that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning. This process is commonly referred to as steam cleaning, even though no steam is actually generated. The process consists of applying a cleaning agent into the carpet pile and then using water in the extractor to remove soil. This can be done from a truck-mounted unit outside the home or by a portable system.

Professional advantages

Professional carpet cleaners are a good choice for your floor. The cleaning equipment has more extraction power than the rental units available to individuals and allows carpet to dry quickly. Real professionals also understand the equipment, know the proper cleaning agents and recognize the difference in fibers and carpet construction.