Upholstery Cleaning Service

Your beautiful home deserves to have beautiful, well-kept and impeccably cleaned furniture. If you’re looking for experienced and capable upholstery cleaners, contact Total Home Care today. Typically, furniture and fabric manufacturers suggest that furniture owners get their furniture cleaned regularly. Don’t wait until your furniture becomes stained and damaged before getting an upholstery cleaning service done.

If the fabric on your furniture is severely stained, it becomes increasingly difficult to restore it to its original color, appearance and texture. Annual fabric and leather furniture cleaning by a qualified upholstery cleaner ensures that your furniture’s appearance is maintained, as well as extends its life and keeps it looking brand new. Whether it’s a stained sofa that needs a thorough cleaning or a hand-me-down couch that needs to be disinfected, our upholstery cleaning professionals are ready to maintain the furniture of the residents of Salt Lake City, UT.

Professional Upholstery Cleaners

You can trust the professionals from Total Home Care to provide impeccable upholstery cleaning services, extensive expertise and convenience for you and your busy schedule. Because we are one of Salt Lake City’s leading home cleaning services, we hold ourselves to a high standard. Our thoroughly trained professionals and high-tech equipment make for a killer combination, ensuring that your furniture will always be impeccably cleaned.

Total Home Care’s mission is to supply both exceptional work and high quality customer service at moderate prices. When you hire a technician from Total Home Care, you know that you’ll be receiving quality upholstery cleaning services from experienced professionals. Our owner has been in the upholstery cleaning industry for over 10 years and is familiar with any issue that might arise with your furniture and upholstery. Our upholstery cleaning technicians value your time and work efficiently so you can live in a clean, healthy and aesthetically pleasing home in Salt Lake City.

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Are you searching for excellent upholstery cleaners? Contact Total Home Care today at (801) 232-9527. We’ll make sure that your furniture in your Salt Lake City, UT home looks as good as new.

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